Clean Fill Dumping

Uncontaminated Soil Dumping

Dear Valued Customers,

As you all know the EPA and the Illinois Pollution Control Board have been working on the rule making to amend (35 Ill. Adm. Code 1100) Clean Construction Demolition Debris Fill Operations (CCDD): and Uncontaminated Soil Fill Operations, as a result, one of the new requirements for all incoming soil is to be tested for the PH content. This means that all Source Site Certifications LPC‐662 forms and all Uncontaminated Soil Certifications LPC‐663 forms must be submitted with PH test results between the ranges of 6.25 to 9.0 to be accepted at Beverly Materials, these test results will be required for each LPC‐662 Source Site Certification and on all certification from a (Licensed‐PE or a Licensed PG. LPC‐663) regardless if the property is Potentially Impacted or not.

I am posting the IEPA’s Webpage for Clean Construction or Demolition Debris (CCDD) that we have just received from the IEPA on August 30, 2012, Please read through the Regulations Prior to sending in applications for dumping at Beverly Materials.  Please visit IEPA webpage, many questions you may have will be answered in the FAQS section, it refers to the PH testing as well as many other new changes we are required to implement as a receiving facility of (Uncontaminated Soil).

Please keep in mind (We are an Uncontaminated Soil Fill Operation) and we do not accept CCDD as fill at this time.

  • The New LPC‐662 and LPC‐663 forms along with the NEW LPC‐667 form for Painted CCDD can be downloaded either from our website ( or from (
  • You will also need to fill out a Beverly Materials incoming Uncontaminated Soil Fill application for each job and submit one wth each LPC‐662 or 663 form, this application can be found on our Beverly Materials website along with our Beverly Materials  Dump Agreement,  this agreement must be resigned annually before we will accept applications.
  • We will need 1‐ 2 working days to process your application so plan accordingly. We will not accept any application at the gate, you can drop them off there but we still need the 1‐2 days process time.
  • Upon approval, you will be issued an approval #, all of your drivers must have this # with them when they approach the trailer for a ticket, if they do not have knowledge of the # or the job specifics (address, job name etc.) they will be turned away without dumping,
  • NO EXCEPTIONS all forms must be filled out and no lines skipped, when filling out the Application, please give addresses and stationing for the jobs you are applying for, give the amount of material you plan to bring us,

Please keep an eye on our website for more updates and changes. Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to continuing our successful relationship with all our customers, and we look forward to welcoming all our new ones!

Hours of Operation

  Summer: 6:00 Am till 4:00 Pm
  Winter: 7:00 Am till 3:00 Pm