Hard Hats and Safety Vests are required for all Plote Construction Inc. & Beverly Materials LLC employees at ALL TIMES!

Beverly Materials L.L.C. is committed to conducting construction operations in the safest manner possible. Beverly Materials L.L.C. has an industry leading safety record with an insurance MOD rate and injury rates lower than the industry average. Some of the highlights of our safety program are:

Weekly Toolbox Talks

The foreman and superintendents engage our employees in a weekly safety talk to review a new safety topic and review any incidents from the previous week.

Monthly Safety Board Meetings

The board is comprised of safety department personnel, superintendents, and executive staff. The purpose of the board is to review incidents and develop new policies and procedures for the safety program.

Accident Investigations

Accidents and injuries are investigated by the safety department. We use a root cause analysis to determine the underlying factors into the incident.

Annual Safety Training

All of the superintendents and foreman have been OSHA 30 hour trained. Annual training for PPE usage, first aid, CPR, traffic control, flagger certification, forklift, and excavation safety are done between January and March.

Compliance with MSHA, DOT, EPA and State Regulations

Zero Tolerance Drug / Alcohol Policy

Beverly Materials believes there is a direct connection between the number of job-related deaths, injuries and incidents of property damage and the use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.